Charleston Art Galleries

Charleston, SC., has become an important art center. Such terms as "Soho of the South"
and "the New Santa Fe" are being used to describe the dynamic visual arts scene. Local, regional, national and
international artists are well represented in over 100 galleries in the Metropolitan area.

Gallery Row is Broad Street where 15 galleries cooperate to provide an exciting collection of fine art and an
active arts scene with their "First Fridays On Broad" featuring a variety of special events and activities.

The center of this vibrant visual arts scene is the French Quarter in the heart of the Old Historic District,
which is home to over 30 galleries all within easy walking distance in the French Quarter.
The galleries listed below are the galleries in the French Quarter.

Name of Gallery

Contact Information

................BROAD STREET GALLERY ROW....................  
Spencer Art Gallery I 55 Broad Street, 722-6854, on Gallery Row
Spencer Art Gallery II 57 Broad Street, 723-4482, on Gallery Row
SCOOP Art Gallery 571/2 Broad Street, 577-3292, on Gallery Row
Ann Long Gallery 54 Broad Street, 577-0447, on Gallery Row
Ella Richardson Fine Art Gallery 91 Broad Street, 722-3660, on Gallery Row
Bernie Horton Gallery 43 Broad Street, 727-4343, on Gallery Row
Coco Viva Fine Art 25 Broad Street, 720-4027, on Gallery Row
Martin Gallery 18 Broad Street., 723-7378, on Gallery Row
Mary Martin Gallery 39 Broad Street., 723-0303, on Gallery Row
Edward Dare Gallery 31 Broad Street, 853-5002, on Gallery Row
Hamlet Gallery 7 Broad Street, 722-1944, on Gallery Row
Ellis - Nicholson Gallery 1 1/2 Broad Street, 722-5353, on Gallery Row
Lambert Fine Art Studio 55 Broad Street, Suite 100, 822-1707,on Gallery Row
Atmah Ja's Art of Core Consciousness 29 Broad Street., 323-8341, on Gallery Row
M Gallery 11 Broad Street, 727-4500, on Gallery Row
.................Other French Quarter Galleries..............  
Charleston Renaissance Gallery 103 Church St., 723-0025
Charleston Crafts Gallery 161 Church St., 723-2938
Gaye Sanders Fisher Gallery 124 Church St., 958-0010

Anne Richardson's Birds I View Gallery

119A Church St., 723-1276
John Carroll Doyle Art Gallery 125 Church St., 677-7344
Coleman Fine Arts 79 Church St., 853-7000
Lowcountry Artists Ltd. 148 East Bay St., 577-9295
Gordon Wheeler Gallery 180 East Bay St., 722-2546
Courtyard Art Gallery

149 1/2 East Bay St., 723-9172

Carolina Gallery 106-A Church St., 720-8622
Waterfront Gallery 215 East Bay St., 722-1155
Smith-Killian Fine Art 9 Queen St., 853-0708
Helena Fox Fine Art 12 Queen St., 723-0073
Robert Lange Gallery 2 Queen St., 805-8052
Corrigan Gallery LLC 62 Queen St., 722-9868
Shelby Lee Gallery 175 Church 579-9725
Pink House Gallery 17 Chalmers St., 723-3608
Gibbes Museum of Art 135 Meeting St., 722-2706
ML Gallery 132 East Bay St., 577-1010
Wells Gallery 125 Meeting St., 853-3233
Nina Liu and Friends 24 State St., 777-2724
Horton Hayes Fine Art 30 State St., 958-0014
The John M. Dunnan Gallery 121 Church St., 720-7425
Dog & Horse Fine Art 102 Church St., 577-5500
Charleston Artist Guild Gallery 106 East Bay Street, 722-2425
Curran Gallery 12 Exchange St., 722-4440
City Gallery At Waterfront Park 34 Prioleau St, 722-2425
The above are art Galleries in the Historic French Quarter. There are also another 15 or so galleries in downtown Charleston area and more in the surrounding towns.

Brochures listing galleries are readily available.
Just ask at any gallery.