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Nancy Davidson

Growing up in Bethlehem, PA, Nancy took art lessons from grade school thru High School, focusing on pastels and oils. She earned a BFA degree from Taylor School of Art in Philadelphia. After creating a successful business involving dolls, Nancy has returned to her love of drawing and painting. After her extensive travels, Nancy now resides in Mt. Pleasant. She is very versatile, using a variety of media and a wide selection of subject matters. Nancy is also a member of the Charleston Artist Guild.

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High Tide
Oil Image 24x28

Flower Basket
Oil Image 28x24

Sunflowers-Arco de la Frontera
Oil Image 20x24


Local Treasures
Pastel Image 20x24

Birches of Grazalama
Oil Image 34x28

Ronda, Spain
Oil Image 10x14